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Welcome to this Questionnaire!

As you can see we changed a few things on the bboard. For some features you will have to wait a bit longer. However:w like your input, suggestions and ideas. Also we would like to hear from you if you find this BBoard and its features useful and what you use most.
If you don't like forms, you can also send your answers by e-mail

Do you visit regularly Yes
No, but I am planning to do so
If you are a regular visitor: how many times? Once a week
Once a month
A few times a week
A few times a month
I am a "heavy user"
About what you are doing on the BBoard I read previously posted messages
I post question(s)
I read and post
Are you on the Hyper-List? Yes
No, but I will be soon
Do you have joint problems yourself Yes
No, but know someone who does
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